Why Ricky Kular asian wedding photographers?

What is the best way to capture the memories that last a lifetime? Ricky Kular is a creative asian wedding photographer and cinematographer who has over 11 years of experience in photography and video production. He specialises in capturing your special day with his unique style, creativity and passion for what he does. . 

Over the past eleven years, Ricky Kular has developed into a versatile photo and cinema company. We take clients’ vision to new heights, employing our keen eye for detail and years of accumulated experience to carefully capture every moment.

Ricky Kular is an asian wedding photography business that captures beautiful memories and tailors them to the individual. They use professional grade equipment to create lasting memories that will last a lifetime. Their work can be seen on many popular websites such as Asiana.

A professional photography company is not made of images or profit margins. It’s the people that make it what it is, and their values are what dictate the organisations goals. For this reason, we ensure our team is the best fit for any event as they have a deeper respect for all our couples cultures and values; as they are people who believe in the same values too. Our team come from diverse backgrounds and showcase their better understanding in our imagery.

Located in Coventry, our services are requested around the UK. We travel throughout the country and also cover destination weddings, Covering weddings in major UK cities such as London, Birmingham, Leicester, Leeds, Manchester, and beyond.

Whatever kind of Indian wedding you are planning – be it a Sikh marriage, Hindu marriage, or Muslim marriage Ricky Kular can help. Call us today on 07814476380 or click here to leave your details.

To me, a wedding is more than the day itself. It’s about documenting the story of the the couple. Who they are, how they feel and those who love them. I understand the importance of family. Being lucky enough to have grandparents around me who have supported me and guided me, I know the bond between family is unique. I endeavour to build relationships with all families to enable me to capture them in the best possible way.

To enable me to have accountability and to personally shoot, I only offer either photo or video and not both at the same time. This means I am in full control of what’s being captured. Because I am skilled in both it enables me to work well with other teams because I have an in-depth understanding of what they are trying to do. I have many brands I work with regularly that I can recommend.” – Ricky Kular

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